Meal & Workout Plans



We are here to help "Get Fit Done" If you are motivated to get healthier and stronger, then you have come to the right place. See what plan works for you. Make A Good Investment In Yourself!

Fitness & Personal Goals:

  • Losing Weight
  • Toning Up
  • Adding Muscle
  • Gaining Flexibility
  • Boosting Endurance
  • Nutrition 
  • Stress Management 
  • Sleep Habits
  • Unshakeable Confidence

Single Meal & Workout Plans

To busy to plan a healthy meal? Not sure on the proper exercise? I'm here to help! These are single 1 week plans, and come without the continued support or communication.


  • Meal Plans $65 (3X Meals & 2X Snacks Per Day)
  • Workout Plan $65 (For Home Or Gym X 3 Per Week)
  • Meal & Workout Combo $115 (This Package Includes Cardio & Supplement Suggestions)

Training Packages

For those looking to "Get Fit Done" Gain Muscle, Or Just Lose A Few Extra Pounds. Full And Partial Packages Available

Packages Include: 

  • Meal Plans (3X Meals & 2X Snacks Per Day)
  • Weekly Check-Ins
  • Scheduled Progress Photos
  • Supplement Suggestions 
  • Cardio Plans (For Home Or Gym)
  • Workout Plan (For Home Or Gym)
  • Get Fit Done Journal

Full Package:                Partial Package:

12 Weeks $650            6 Weeks $260

16 Weeks $910            8 Weeks $390

20 Weeks $1,170        10 Weeks $520

Unlimited Communication, E-Mails, Text, Video Chat & Workout Plans If You Choose Full Package!

Go Keto Challenge

This diet is a challenge in itself. It's strict, but it's 100% effective and you are guaranteed to lose weight. Let's see if you can follow my plan! Jumpstart your goals and learn how to eat. Price is based on everyones individual weight & goals!

Custom Package Includes:

  • Initial Consultation/Goals
  • Weekly Check Ins/Progress Reports (Via Video Chat)
  • Scheduled Progress Photos
  • Constant Support/Unlimited Communication
  • Grocery List (Essential Items That Are Important To Get You Going!)
  • Meal Plans (3X Meals & 2X Snacks Per Day)
  • Delicious Ketogenic Desert Recipes
  • Cardio Plans
  • Workout Plans (For Home Or Gym)
  • Gym/Personal Trainer Recommendations (For Your Area)
  • Custom Airbrush Tan (1 Airbrush Tan Per Month-Depending On Location)
  • Supplement Suggestions (Included At Extra Cost &  Supplements Based On Personal Experience)
  • Keto Test Strips (To Test Ketone Levels)
  • Get Fit Done Journal (To Track What You Eat & Workouts)
  • Calorie/Nutrition/Macro Counter
  • Access To Apps On Your Phone (To Keep You & Your Goals On Track)

The keto diet is very strict... So Am I!

This diet and my 100% custom plans are for the serious and dedicated people who want to be healthy, stay healthy, and lose weight. Workouts will start really easy as your body will be adjusting to a new way of eating. The workouts will progress as we progress.

Monthly Membership $49

For clients returning after their package has expired! This is a subscription to become an official "Get Fit Done" member. This isn't a stop and go subscription!

  • Keto Recipes
  • Grocery List (Essential Items)
  • Get Weekly Up-Dates/News Letters
  • Custom Workouts Just For You
  • Unlimited Communication & Support

Get Fit Done & Keto FAQs

Keto is NOT for everyone! But being healthy is! No matter how much you workout, eating properly is the key to weight loss and fitness goals! And with my help we will "Get Fit Done"

I have the knowledge, experience, willpower, dedication and results! Why am I the person you need to get you the results you want? Because I AM passionate about eating right, getting tone and tight, living a healthy lifestyle, and seeing my body transform into a strong, beautiful, defined powerhouse! My goal is not only to help others, but its to take the competitve stage for bikini fitness! So come on make an investment in you! Lets "Get Fit Done"